Who we are

We are Jennie Barnsley and Roy Bayfield. We started participating in Chris and Brenda’s Appleseed courses in 1995, and went to several over the following years, including a training week for facilitators. Based on this we started devising our own sessions using the method, and have been delivering these since 2005 in a variety of settings including retreat centres, churches, Quaker meetings and a university.


Jennie Barnsley is a Quaker. She has studied theology to doctoral level following a career in libraries and research. As well as Appleseed her creative outlets include stitching, dressmaking and the making of jam.


Roy Bayfield’s spiritual practice involves daily meditation and the undertaking to share fulfilment and freedom as experienced. He has had writing published in a range of places, most recently in The Passionate Transitory. He has documented a journey on foot through most of England in Walking Home to 50, and published a book about his experience of cardiac surgery, Bypass Pilgrim.


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