One tiny step

In a rare example of Appleseed causing bodily harm, yesterday Roy slipped on a tiny green bead that had escaped from the art supplies to lie in wait on our stairs. Bouncing down the staircase in an undignified fashion has left him bruised and wary of beads of any kind, but specially green ones. So remember, be careful out there. And never run with scissors.

A date at Woodbrooke

Delighted to report that we will have a slot in the Woodbrooke programme, next year: Fiery Hearts and Willing Hands on a weekend in September 2014. Yes, thats twentyFOURTEEN for people who like to plan ahead! Not sure when bookings open, but I think the programme is published this autumn – we’ll confirm the date once Woodbrooke have put it in the public domain. Meanwhile bookings have started to be taken at Othona for the first outing of this course, 17/10/13 to 20/10/13.

Both are residential courses in lovely places. This year’s model at Othona on the Dorset coast, next year’s extra matured version in the heart of Birmingham…

Woodbrooke, a well-appointed study centre in its own grounds.

Dates ahoy!

Our next session is now available for booking from Othona – details here – it’s called ‘Fiery Hearts and Willing Hands’ and we’re excited about the material we’re getting together for it.


Some of the stuff Roy’s making notes from – in the obligatory ‘Really Useful Boxes’ 

We’re also in advanced discussions with Woodbrooke and hope to run it there in 2014.

Anyone can draw…they can!

Picture from Wales Online

I (Roy) was moved by my friend Andre Stitt’s recent series of paintings ‘In the West’. This is a video of an artists’s talk about them – it’s pretty long, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff about his creative process. Towards the end in the Q&A section he remarks that ‘Anyone can draw’, leading to an incredulous titter, which he responds to by saying ‘…they CAN! Anyone can make marks…” using a great example of a drawing of a pig…

Anyone can.