Appleseed – how it works

A typical Appleseed weekend is a series of sessions, each one taking up most of a morning or afternoon, with some free time and optional activities such as watching a film together.

The sessions are structured in three parts: a short talk, response activity, and optional sharing. For the most part you participate in silence; the whole thing can be experienced as a form of practical meditation.

One of us will give a 20-30 minute spoken input, on the theme of the weekend. These may include readings, poems, exploration of the ideas of a spiritual writer, perhaps a piece of music. You get handouts so there’s no real need to make notes, but you may if you wish. The talk gives your mind something to work with, maybe some inspiration. However, rather than have questions or a discussion we move on to…

Response Activity
…a kindergtarten-simple, arts-based response activity. This involves us guiding you in a creative process that involves no skill – you ‘respond’ to where you are, what you have heard, anything that is arising for you, not by talking about it but by letting the creative left-brain do its thing. Serious play, a liberating process of exploration. This is followed by…

Optional Sharing
…when the group comes together and each person who wishes to can say something about how the process has worked for them. Again, this isn’t a discussion – the whole session provides a ‘safe space’ for you to explore and share exactly as you wish, and as both participants and facilitators we seek to hold that space together for everyone.

And that’s it. It isn’t an art/craft course, though you may find you learn something you want to carry on doing. It isn’t about making beautiful artefacts, though this does happen. It is just what it is!

Jennie laying out collage materials

A profusion of ‘stuff’ for people to play with

Expectant waiting for the group to start

One exercise involves choosing postcards from this ever-expanding collection


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