What People Say

Here are some quotes from previous participants at our sessions, used with permission. 

I loved it all! Truly! I loved all the choices of written materials, all the work of the authors and poets. Every exercise brought significant insights for me and stirred quite a profound process. I am truly grateful for the abundance and magnificence of all the art materials you provide. The treasure trove is so amazing to work with and from. I love the permission and the inspiration the Appleseed process initiates and fosters. You two hold it so well. Thank you.

Perfect timing in my life – coming like a wonderful gift to help me on my way. And full of surprises again.

Thank you for the opportunity to hear and read the work of poets new to me, I will keep them to read more.

Very grateful for the atmosphere of gentle calm and acceptance – what I needed.

The poems…were really well chosen and powerful. In fact the whole experience was a powerful one. Thank you for holding it so well.

The activities are great and it was good to have plenty of choice

Because I am primarily a left-brain, linear, logical thinker, I was astonished at the sense of liberation produced by the closed-eye painting exercise, and the fantasies attending the tiny garden process. Some of the insights were quite surprising.

I was grateful to be able to voice some rather vehement opinions…in a permissive and non judgemental surrounding.

Literally everything made its contribution towards opening me out and letting me express/receive.

Passion, sincerity and real spiritual groundedness.

Mind- as well as heart-stretching.

Loved the mix of mind-stretching input and reflective input.

Even more lovely arty things than last time! …nothing beats being able to browse through as much stuff, seeing what “gets” me and then making sense of it silently in the company of others.

I absolutely loved the availability and variety of the materials to play with and use so freely; it was a true box of delights… I got lost, very happily.

The facilitation and encouragement from both Jennie and Roy was wonderful. The inputs were great; loved the poems and introduction to new poets (to me).

Thank you for helping me understand that as well as wondering at, loving and being inspired by the beauty I find everywhere in the world around (and “outside”) me, I also have the ability to create beauty. This is a new realisation for me and very profound…especially as someone who was put off art more than 30 years ago at school.

I loved your clarity, the enthusiasm with which you presented the exercise/input, the great care and thoughtfulness you took to choose your input. I very much appreciated all the materials you brought and what liberation that provides for me to be creative… You made it safe.

I felt free to experiment, be out of “control”… I had enormous, very serious fun… All the cornucopia of materials was just fantastic. I wanted to explore expressing feelings and something ‘spiritual’ in a creative way – actually as an “artist” and I did that and also, very importantly, forgot that too – enjoying and realising the importance of process not product.

The poems and texts were moving, always appropriate and sang for me.


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